I have been attending Invasive Pain Management for 7 years now and I can honestly say I
have never had a bad visit…..The Doctors are both great Guys…because they ARE Guys in
the end,,,lol…. AND Rosemary is a refreshing soul in a world of pain.  She knows who you
are and figures out who you want to be,,,, then sets out a ‘trail’ for you to follow and she is
aggressively active in what results you can get.  And none of the professionals in the group
are ever afraid to ‘go the distance’ with the procedures and meds that will DO the job.  Come
in with a pain level of 8 ½ out of 10 and come back after they tailor your needs and you’ll be
gladly announcing that pain level is a constant 3 or better!  You    won’t believe the results.  
The only negative I can dig deep to pull out is, I can’t get them to commit to a cruise to the
Islands for ‘therapeutic’ value…lol''  All kidding aside, if it wasn’t for the program they put me
on, I HONESTLY would take almost 2 hours just to get out of bed and the stand up and
function part adds more time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jumping into my running shoes
and attacking a 5k, but I can at least have quality time with my 8 year old Daughter.  And that
folks IS the whole game, won in the final quarter.  I had tried everything for years, many were
Placebos in my mind, I have just moved and now I have to travel 2 highways to get there and I
wouldn’t miss an appointment for the world.  There are some people I have talked to that
travel 2-3 hours and they are still smiling when they leave,      *****  5 Stars in my book

Alan B.
Invasive Pain Management Clinic

"A Center of Excellence"